530 Slide

You all know of the tragedy that happen to the community of Darrington and Oso, Saturday the 22nd. The 530 slide  took the lives of wonderful people and done so much damage.  The community has  lost  family members, homes and animals. Darrington Horse Owners Association/Darrington Timberbowl Rodeo have opened their doors for our community residents to place there RV's, vehicles and animals, equipment and anything else needing a safe place. We have space for horses and cattle we do have on the grounds a  pet food bank, also hay and grain for the people of the community that are in need to feed their animals  and livestock affected by the slide, since there is not a feed store outlet in town and the drive is so far away. This is to make it one less stress on the community residents,  so if you wish to donate supplies for the animals or funds you can contact Margie Bates @ 360-391-3417. We want everybody to know any funds or supplies left over after helping the animals will be donated to the victims of both communities.  We are humbled by the amount of donations and help coming in and we thank each and every person and group helping, this is gonna be a long haul and its nice to see the human spirit coming together for such a tragedy.

Darrington Horse Owners Association

42109 SR 530 NE


Coming in 2014


July 12th and August 2nd, Saturday nights after the Play Days



 Open Jackpot Double Header *Option 1* 4D Format, Open-$25.00, Youth -18 and under $10.00, Senior- 45 and over $10.00, Timed only runs $3.00 each run. Arena Fee $10.00 per rider first horse rider combo $5.00 for each additional horse rider Combination. More information posted on the web site www.barrelsoutwest.com  or Phone 425 481 1678 for more information. Open to everyone. No membership required. Year end  awards fee $30 for open, $25 for Senior and Youth. Must ride in at least 8 races during the 2014 season. A double header race counts as two races if you run in both.

In 2014

 Darrington Horse Owners

 Association is holding the









June 21st & 22nd 2014

Concert following the Rodeo

Dancing in the Dirt $10.00 per person

Thank You to all those

that sponsored the





We will be having our annual

 Playdays check on the Playday

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Thank you to all of the members and volunteers that help during the rodeo, a special Thank you to our sponsors that help us to be able tp put the rodeo on,